The Swan Valley is home to the oldest grape vines in Western Australia.

The purpose of the Swan Valley Old Vine Charter is to support the long-term protection of old vines and validate their value in winemaking.

The fruit from old vines can produce wines with great intensity, depth and vibrancy. The strength and resilience of old vines reflects the toil of generations of local families, importantly retaining our history in the ground.

The Charter is modelled on the Barossa Old Vine Charter, recognising the age of vine as:

  • Old Vine: 35+ years
  • Survivor: 70+ years
  • Centenarian: 100+ years
  • Ancestor: 125+ years

Old vines have shaped classic styles of wine and are behind some of the most extraordinary wines produced in Australia.

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DSCF7724 Grenache c 1967

More than a glass of wine

Within a decade the majority of vineyards in the Swan Valley will be classified as Old Vine.

Our Mediterranean climate provides a unique opportunity for the production of a complete range of first-class wine styles.

The following wineries are charter members, producing wines made from the fruit of old vines available for you to taste and purchase.

Swan Valley Old Vine Charter members

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