Beautiful climate, rich soil and talented locals are the Swan Valley’s secret to growing beautiful produce.

The region boasts an array of fresh and locally grown delights, and grapes remain one of its prized pickings. The Swan Valley is abundant with vineyards – a testament to its rich history of viticulture. As the oldest wine region in Western Australia, some of the vines have stood the test of time since early European settlement.

Table vs wine grapes- what’s the difference?

Table grapes are an industry term for the grapes we eat; while wine grapes are grown and harvested to be made into wine. In the Swan Valley, you can find both.

Wine grapes are often smaller than table grapes, with slightly thicker skin and sweeter flesh. Table grapes are deliciously juicy and large in comparison – perfect for that summertime snack.

You may be able to tell the difference between the two types of grapes by looking at how they grow on the vine.

While wine grapes tend to grow along vertical trellises to help each grape sun-ripen to perfection, table grapes often grow on wider trellises that are shaped like a V. This structure gives each bunch of grapes enough cover and protection from the sun to grow to their best potential.

Next time you’re out and about in the Swan Valley, see if you can spot the difference!

Grape varieties

Western Australia produces about five per cent of all Australian table grapes, and there are a bunch of varieties on offer. The Swan Valley has an ever-growing list of over 20 varieties of crisp, juicy grapes, including:

  • Flame seedless
  • Crimson seedless
  • Scarlotta seedless
  • Sweet celebration
  • Autumn crisp
  • Dawn seedless
  • Midnight beauty

Tis the season

Our grape growers are busiest in summer. Wine grapes are picked and sent off to be crushed, fermented and produced into wine; while sun-drenched bunches of table grapes are harvested by hand and sold by the bunch.

Before they are picked and cleaned, each bunch is pruned, disbudded, pulled, trimmed and ripened. Plenty of love and labour goes into each bunch throughout the year to make sure the grapes you eat are top notch.

The best time of year to buy table grapes in the Swan Valley is generally from January through to March.

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