Welcome to the Swan Valley, Western Australia's oldest wine region.

World-class wineries, breweries, distilleries, countless gourmet artisan goods, handcrafted wares, bustling markets, vibrant studios, top-notch eateries and endless experiences, just 25 minutes from Perth

There’s a reason why the finest artisans in the land call the Swan Valley home. Why world-class chefs travel thousands of miles across the globe to lay their roots here. Why brewers, chocolatiers, honey producers and ice-cream and nougat makers have set up shop here. Why leading vintners choose to plant their vines here. After all, this is a place where the earth is rich and fruit and vegetables ripen to perfection under a warm sun. Where grape varietals flourish. Where cows and poultry are raised with open space and kindness, creating succulent local meats.

This is a place that takes its fresh produce seriously. It’s a place steeped in First Nations and Mediterranean migration history, laden with the oldest vines in WA, with time-honoured recipes and generations of tradition and passion sown into the land. It's an artist's mecca too, with leading sculptors and fine artists setting up impressive studios and galleries here.

Ready to explore? It's time to hit over 150 attractions in the region, all accessible over a 32km loop. How slow you go, and whether you go by tour or car is completely up to you.

Weather and Climate

The Swan Valley is bathed in stunning sunshine for most of the year, making it the ideal region to visit during every season.

Grape pickers and winemakers are at their busiest in the summer, where ripe, sun-drenched fruit gets picked and the winemaking process begins. In autumn, the mornings are crisp, the days are mild, and the grass starts to green.

Expect slightly colder and rainier days in winter, but don’t let it stop you from coming out and enjoying some decadent food or a warming glass of wine from one of the Valley’s best restaurants, wineries or breweries. In spring, see the stunning Swan Valley at its best, where the sky stretches in a sea of endless blue and the grapevines are green and lush.

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Drinking in the Swan Valley

Fine wine gets better with age. But go back a little further, and that quality begins with generations-old grapes that have spent many a decade dependably fruiting with the passing seasons. The oldest vineyards in Western Australia belong to the Swan Valley region – in fact, we’ve just celebrated over 180 years of winemaking.

Yes, we know our vino, but let’s not forget the hops, cider and liqueur. Home to distilleries, cideries and boutique breweries, the Swan Valley’s exclusive range will tempt the tastebuds of even the most discerning beer, cider or spirits connoisseur. Bottoms up.

Eating in the Swan Valley

Food, glorious food.

Think roadside stalls packed with seasonal produce picked straight from the backyard. Plump figs, sweet melons, juicy strawberries, flavoursome asparagus and vine-ripened tomatoes will make your tastebuds sing.

Think top-notch restaurants and cafes in abundance, offering everything from exquisite fine dining to salt-of-the-earth pub grub to traditional high tea.

Think of an ever-growing list of gourmet artisan wares, from extra virgin olive oils, marinated olives, tapenades, dried fruits, pickles and preserves to handmade chocolate, fudge, truffles, ice cream and nougat. Of over 20 varieties of crisp, juicy table grapes and rich, specialty cheeses to be hand selected and sampled to complement your wine.

We hope you’re hungry.

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