Mimmo's Gourmet Gelato


  Restaurant / cafe

There’s gelato and then there’s Mimmo’s gourmet gelato, prepared fresh daily with authentic Italian flavours and locally sourced ingredients.

Long-time wholesaler of artisan gelato, Mimmo Sabatino is now selling his freshly-churned artisan ice cream direct to the public. This is gelato with attitude, from the Lemon Cheesecake, which features real pieces of glacéed lemon rind, to the Bacci, dotted with real hazelnut pieces. Mimmo’s most popular flavour?  Currently it’s the much-awarded Honeycomb Bliss, followed closely by the rich, mousse-like Dark Chocolate. There’s also a marvellously tangy passionfruit frozen yoghurt – made, of course, with local fruit.

Mimmo’s also sells premium sorbets, takeaway tubs and birthday cakes - choose your own flavours from the wide range available.

Mimmo’s Gourmet Gelato is open until 8pm, with night-time queues a testament to its popularity. 

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