Kafarela's Vineyard


  Local produce

Since 1944, the Kafarela family have been growing grapes and seasonal produce on their seven-hectare property in the heart of the Swan Valley. Today they specialise in non-alcoholic wines, liqueurs and seasonal produce grown using Biodynamic-growing principles.

Kafarela's Vineyard is also home to the largest doll and quilt collection in the Swan Valley, while the craft shed offers dolls, bears, baby quilts and other lovingly made items.

They’re the West Australian distributor for Patritti grape juices, which they sell from the shopfront located on the vineyard, along with delicious homemade jams and preserves using their own fruit.

Why not drop into their friendly shop and say “g’day” to the team? You can pick up a bag of fresh-picked seedless grapes to munch on (in season), grab a jar of home-made jam to try on your toast at breakfast, or have a free taste of some non-alcoholic Patritti grape juice and buy a bottle for your next special occasion.

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