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Don’t miss the opportunity to take a look inside the famous studio of Antonio Battistessa, where many of the works you’ll see around the Swan Valley and Western Australia were created. 

Antonio was born in the Swan Valley and started working with metal at the age of 15 and became an apprentice blacksmith. Over the years, he has garnered an international reputation for his rare and unique pieces made from forged iron, steel and copper, which he combines with rare woods and ornate glass. 

Antonio believes art takes many forms and can be functional as well as beautiful, and today you’ll find his impressive works in major collections locally, interstate and overseas. He continues to create a huge range of bespoke items, from small showroom pieces, sculptures, furniture and  architectural pieces to bondage equipment, water features, spiritual pieces and creative lighting. 

Metal forging demonstrations are also available with pre-arranged groups for a fee.

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