Sweet Temptations Trail


Welcome to the Swan Valley's Sweet Temptations Trail, a mouthwatering artisan adventure for every palate.

Sample the finest French macarons, scrumptious nougat, gourmet nuts, delicious cakes, handmade chocolate, pure honey sourced straight from the hive, ice creams, signature fortified wines and sparkling Moscato handcrafted by second and fourth generation Swan Valley winemakers.

This trail offers some of the most irresistible treats for every sweet tooth, whilst also including a tranquil picnic spot, Maali Bridge Park, located on the banks of the Swan River.

Most venues also offer breakfast and lunch, and their own signature coffee blends and speciality teas, meaning you will be spoiled for choice.

The Swan Valley Sweet Temptations Trail is a not-to-be missed foray into the world-class produce handmade and created in the Swan Valley.

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