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Welcome to the Swan Valley's Fine Wine Trail, which winds its way around 12 of the region's most esteemed award-winning wineries.

This Trail is the perfect way to sample some of the area's most exquisite drops, with all the wineries on the Trail - Pinelli Estate Wines, Mandoon Estate, Garbin Estate Wines, Oakover Wines, Sittella Winery, John Kosovich Wines, Windy Creek Estate, Black Swan Winery, Lamont's Winery, Faber Vineyard, Riverbank Estate and Olive Farm Wines - having won trophies at the coveted Swan Valley Wine Show in recent years. 

The Swan Valley is the oldest wine region in Western Australia and the second oldest region in Australia. With the first vines planted in 1829 and the first commercial wine vintage beginning in 1834, it's no surprise the fruit produced here has a depth and flavour that produces such premium quality wines.

The signature grape varieties in the Swan Valley are Chenin Blanc, Verdelho and Shiraz, which thrive in the region’s Mediterranean-style climate. As you meander your way along the trail you will have the opportunity to enjoy these rich flavours. Enjoy sampling a crisp Verdelho and Chenin Blanc. Both are best served young and fresh but with cellaring, develop an intense depth of flavour and complexity that makes them ideal food wines. So be sure to take a few home with you to enjoy at a later date! You can also relish in the rich plum, chocolate and spice flavours of a Swan Valley Shiraz, approachable at an early age, but intensifies in richness and structure with time making them another great take-home choice for a cold winters evening by the fire.

The Fine Wine Trail also pays homage to the luscious fortified wines of the Swan Valley! With over 150 years of tradition, these are a true highlight of the region. Liqueur Muscat and Pedro Ximenez, blended from vintages aged for many years in casks have an intensely rich, sweet decadent flavour and aroma of old oak barrels, honey and raisins. Verdelho and Shiraz are also made into delicious liqueur and fortified-style wines when left on the vines to ripen further.

In addition to the signature varieties Chardonnay, Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc, Vermentino, Grenache, Merlot, Durif, Petit Verdot, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo grape varieties are also grown and crafted into quality wines in the Swan Valley, most of which you can discover as part of the Fine Wine Trail.

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