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One of the Valley’s first micro-breweries, the Duckstein is a casual, friendly place offering a traditional German dining experience with great beers, which are available by the glass or as part of a tasting palette, and live music most weekends.

The core beers here are made to the ancient tradition of Reinheitsgebot, which stipulates only water, malt and hops may be used to produce beer which is additive- and chemical-free, making it suitable for those allergic to preservatives.

While the Duckstein’s Dunkel beer tips its hat at the Famous Augustiner and Paulaner breweries, a lesser-known Altbier style is made using the ancient Düsseldorf tradition of lagering at cold temperatures. Also on offer is the Bavarian classic, Hefeweiss. 

The Duckstein Brewery was established in 2000 by Erich and Gisella Massberg who thought setting up a restaurant and and brewery would be a nice quiet way to retire. That plan was quickly ruined by the hordes of beer and food lovers who quickly realised this was what they were missing.

Years later it is still one of the favourite destinations in the Valley and tourists from all over Australia and the world come to sample some of the quality German beers.

And then there’s the food – big servings of hearty, traditional German fare including the Duckstein’s number one crowd pleaser: the crispy roast pork knuckle, served with sauerkraut, red cabbage and pan-fried potatoes.

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