Yagan Memorial Park

Drone Yagan Memorial.jpg

The Yagan Memorial Park was initiated by the Derbarl Yerrigan Committee for the Reburial of Yagan's Kaat (head). The City of Swan and the Department of Indigenous Affairs facilitated the realisation of the project on behalf of the committee.

A unique place has been created to commemorate the life, death and spirit of the great Nyoongar leader and warrior, Yagan (c. 1795 - 11 July 1833) and as a Burial site for Yagan's repatriated Kaat.

Yagan's body was buried on the site where he was killed and his Kaat was taken as a trophy to England. Since the early 1980's, a number of Nyoongar groups sought the return of Yagan's Kaat, however after 164 years it was finally brought back to Australia for burial in accordance with Nyoongar custom.  Now that the Kaat is respectfully laid to rest, Yagan's spirit is set free to continue on its eternal journey.


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