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D'Vine Wine Tours

Point of difference

Do you want to sample some of the yummiest eats in the valley? Perhaps you’re more of a beer aficionado, wanting to visit fine boutique breweries. Or maybe you want a few glasses of wine without the hassle of finding a cab driver who knows how to navigate the valley.

With d’Vine Wine Tours, you can have it all.

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On d’Vine’s fun-filled full and half day tours, you’ll visit wineries of all sizes, from big, international producers to small, family-run boutique wineries where the person pouring your wine is often the winemaker with stories to tell and a bit of history to share. Big or small, what they all have in common is a reputation for quality produce and excellent service.

On a d'Vine tour you’ll not only relish the wines and produce, but the laid-back, enjoyable atmosphere that hosts Breana and Ewen Lawrie create for your enjoyment.

The couple also offers a beer and cider tour, which focuses on the Swan Valley’s growing number of fine artisan producers.

Most of Breana and Ewen’s tours focus on the Swan Valley, but they also offer a tour to the lesser known and equally beautiful Bickley Valley wine region.

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