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Raw, pure, unpasteurised and unadulterated varietal honeys are just the beginning of a visit to this bee-guiling venue.

Apiarist Rupert Phillips uses traditional, sustainable farming methods and harvests his honey only when the bees have capped the cells, allowing the honey to fully ripen and mature ­– you’ll be amazed how different they all taste! Some of the honeys have healing qualities and are laboratory-tested for their antimicrobial activity, symbolised by the letters TA (Total Activity) on the jar.

While you’re visiting, take a look at the live bee display and visit the onsite shop which showcases all things related to honey and bees, from pollen and royal jelly to candles, beauty products and giftware.

Over half a dozen meads and liqueurs are available for tasting, and The Sticky Spoon Cafe offers such honey-rich delights as traditional German bee-sting cake and a cream tea served with home-made honey scones, cream, jam ... and honey.

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