Michael Brothers Juice


  Local produce

You’ve got to hand it to Dustin and Martin Michael – they keep themselves busy. The owners of Funk Cider also make cold-pressed, unpasteurised and preservative-free juices at their Swan Valley micro-juicery next door to the cidery.

All the juices are hand-bottled from cold-pressed and (almost always) locally-grown  fruit, since the brothers are committed to supporting local agriculture (and drinking quite a lot of cider…but that’s another story). 

Keeping the distance from farm to mouth as short as possible also means that their fruit is as fresh as can be, full of enzymes and vitamins and great-tasting into the bargain. Take the brothers’ Living Green blend. Deeply vibrant, fresh and healthy, it’s a combination of kale, limes, spirulina and apples. And their heart-warming ginger tonic, which contains only lemons, ginger root, cayenne pepper and apples.

The juices are available for purchase at Funk Cider.

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