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As you walk past a giant artwork, the ocean etched upon it ebbs and flows as though it has come to life. Another artwork features complex geometric patterns which move and superimpose themselves over each other, catching the light like holograms.

The most common response to Thomas Maurer’s unique three-dimensional optical illusions - created with an angle grinder and a flat sheet of aluminium - is disbelief. More than 50,000 visitors have experienced this visual treat in the last 10 years, and guaranteed you won’t have seen anything like it before.

Pay a visit to Thomas’ Swan Valley studio shed and observe how a three-dimensional illusion changes in front of your eyes. Learn how these mind-boggling illusions are created, meet the artist, ask questions and enjoy this exciting family experience.

All the artworks on display at Thomas’ shed can be purchased, or he’s happy to create individual commissions to your own specifications.  

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