Funk Cider

  Brewery with food

Forget what you know about cider and discover the wonderful world of preservative-free, natural ciders made from cold-pressed apple juice.

Funk Cider is the brainchild of young brothers Dustin and Martin, owners of the Michael Brothers Traditionally Pressed Juice Company. The Michaels create raw, preservative-free, unpasteurised, natural ciders that are a zillion light years away from the mass-produced ciders made from concentrates and sugar you see in bottle shops.

The brothers also barrel-age, wild-ferment and infuse local fruits to create delicious, natural ciders with full-bodied flavours and natural acidity. Brews change weekly, and there are always 12 available on tap. Order a pint or a middie, or try one of the tasting paddles – each offers six ciders and are equivalent to a pint.

With a funky, mouth-watering selection of ciders ranging from real fruit infused ciders (passionfruit, mango, coconut), to wild ferments (The James Brown – which also contains 5 varieties of apples), to barrel-aged ciders (The Sex Machine – a barrel aged pink lady cider, aged in French oak vanilla), you're guaranteed to find one you’ll fall in love with.

Kids and dogs are welcome, with tables provided on the big verandah outside, or out on a big, grassy lawn under the shade of a lemon gum tree.

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