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Don't miss Guildford's historic Colonial Gaol, the former local lock up for petty criminals awaiting trial or serious offenders awaiting transport to Perth or Fremantle gaols.

A decade after Guildford was settled in 1830 - and following the establishment of three public houses that led to many locals being charged with drunken behaviour - it became evident the town was in dire need of a gaol.

The gaol was open for business in April 1841 and closed in November 1969. Along the way it housed WA's most famous bushranger, Moondyne Joe, who was caught at the Houghton Winery in the Swan Valley two years after escaping from Fremantle Prison. He was temporarily locked up at the Guildford Gaol, awaiting his return to Fremantle.

Operated by the Swan Guildford Historical Society (SGHS), tours are currently available four days a week - contact the Swan Valley Visitor Centre for further info! 

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