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Owners Coralie Edwards and Maurice Sawyer travel to out-of-the-way places in south-east Asia to source their fascinating range of original artefacts. The couple specialises in genuine antique teak furniture, which includes old teak doors and windows salvaged and imported from Central Java and northern Thailand. These are then restored professionally in Guildford.

Also on offer is a changing array of ethnographically and culturally significant artefacts from all over Asia, including a comprehensive collection of original Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and Burmese ceramics from the Tang to Qing dynasties. Coralie and Maurice travel to remote areas to buy Vietnamese, Thai, Myanmar and Chinese trade ceramics, as well as Madjapahit terracotta from East Java.  

You’ll also find local items picked out from auction houses or purchased directly, again restored at Basic Elements in Guildford. Rest assured that anything you buy here is the genuine article, professionally restored with top quality materials.

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