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Perth Electric Bike Hire

Get ready to explore the Swan Valley one kilometre at a time! Get off the beaten path and enjoy a deeper experience of the Valley with an electric or push bike.

Perth Electric Bike Hire can accommodate a group of up to four people with their electric bikes. They also provide modern, high-quality hybrid bikes in a wide variety of men’s and women’s sizes, suitable for people of any fitness level.

Ladies’ bikes can be lowered to suit most children aged 10 or older who have bike-riding experience. Tag-along bikes connect to mum or dad’s bike and are suitable for smaller children. Baby seats are available for children weighing less than 23kg, and they even have a tandem bike!

Whether you want a leisurely meander or an extreme excursion, a shopping trip or a picnic, Perth Electric Bike Hire is just minutes away from all of the attractions of the Swan Valley!

To avoid disappointment, pre-booking of bikes is strongly recommended.


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