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Kato's @3000

'Beetbox', 'Grapeheart' and 'Grime' might sound like characters from a sci-fi production of 'Oliver', but they’re just three of the amazing ice cream flavours created by the friendly mixologists at Kato's @3000.

Matt and Marlene Katich specialise in growing around 15 varieties of seedless eating grapes, which they pick fresh off the vine and sell from their farm gate from January to the end of March.

The duo also produces a changing array of original and experimental ice cream flavours made from local produce grown either by themselves or their neighbours.

The result: a range of delicious ice creams that will surprise and delight. And if beetroot with chocolate, grape with blueberry and yoghurt with grape and lime aren’t your thing, there’s always the Lamington, made with chocolate and coconut.

The farm shop also offers fresh melons in season, along with a selection of home-made fruit products to taste before you buy. 


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