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FiORi Coffee

There’s coffee and then there’s FiORi coffee, created by this award-winning artisan coffee roaster within the Oakover winery grounds. 

FiORi’s dedicated team is committed to sourcing ethical and sustainable coffee, preferring to use beans produced by single estates (estate coffees are not blended with coffee grown at other plantations and therefore they give a flavour profile that has a unique sense of place). Only Arabica beans are used at FiORi, because the owners believe the depth of flavour and aromatic nuances found in quality Arabicas make the best coffee.

The FiORi roasting process is a slow one, carried out in small batches to accentuate the unique smooth, rich and aromatic characteristics of the beans, then blended and packed by hand. The team also puts a lot of time and effort into sourcing the green beans, and favours Organic, Fair trade and Rainforest Alliance certified producers. 

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