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Beekeepers Hoard

Nestled in the thriving hub of the Swan Settlers Market, second generation beekeeper Gary Sammut offers a treasure trove of honey to sweeten up your world.

Unfiltered, unprocessed and all natural, the deep, golden goodness of Gary’s honey is thanks to his impressive number of Apiaries, which allow bees to source nectar from a whopping number of floral varieties. The result? Glorious favourites such as Redgum, Bottlebrush and Jarrah honey just waiting to be smeared on your crumpet or added to your cheese board.

Gary, who grew up around the bush and has been a bee lover since he was knee-high, offers free tastings of his dreamy range at Beekeepers Hoard, which includes active honey and creamed honey infused with bush tucker.

Get some Beekeepers Hoard honey on your plate and you’ll never go back!



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