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Unique cellar doors

30 October 2018

The Swan Valley is home to 45 wineries, boasting the oldest vines in the State and the second oldest in the country.  And it’s not all cookie cutter charm in the region; there are unique experiences and interesting cellar doors that aren’t at all what you expect.

If you visit John Kosovich Wines, you’ll see the first original vines planted in its founding year of 1922 still gracing the entrance to the winery.  Enter the impressive underground cellar which hosts the cellar door, and be a part of history; the cellar was dug by founder Lile and his brothers with help from neighbours and their draft horses.  An imposing 7m long White Gum beam remains the main supporting structure for the cellar roof. 

Across the road, ask Duncan Harris for a look at his enormous purpose-built underground cellar.  Pitch black and full of old, rich scent, this space is used for special events and private tastings with owner Duncan, who is proud to operate 100% sustainably, organically and on-site.

Down Great Northern Highway visit Talijancich Wines, where the cellar door is now housed in the original family home.  It’s simple and warm, and you will immediately feel like part of the family when James and Hilda Talijancich share with you their history and cellar door secrets.

Duck into Faber Vineyard, where they have a wine studio and not a traditional cellar door at all.  Owner John Griffiths prefers people to sit on the lounge and chat about wine.  There’s no traditional bar setup, and people are invited – encouraged even – to settle in, learn about the wines and get to know the people behind the wine.

Finally, visit Lancaster Wines infamous ‘Shed’, known by locals and Lancaster-lovers alike for its cool relaxed vibe. Literally a lean-to with a bar, rolling lawns and an inclusive atmosphere, this space is always happy and pumping with like-minded wine lovers.


So visit the region for its warmth, its welcome and its wonderful hospitality, and some of the coolest spaces in WA.