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Kato's @3000 Fresh Fruit Icecream

A new venture, Kato's fresh fruit icecream utilises the abundance of fruit grown on the Katich properties, as well as within the Swan Valley region.

Kato's aims to showcase these fruits seasonally and use them in very original, home-grown flavour combinations.


Sunny weekends throughout the year will see the sign go out to welcome all to try the delicious flavours of the Valley!     


Seasonal business open January to late March - closed for the 2017 season

-31.870596, 115.982956

Kato's @3000 Fresh Fruit Icecream ,3000 West Swan Rd , Western Australia ,6055

Kato's @3000 Fresh Fruit Icecream

3000 West Swan Rd,
Western Australia ,

Map with address Kato's @3000 Fresh Fruit Icecream, 3000 West Swan Rd , Western Australia ,6055

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3000 West Swan Rd
CAVERSHAM, Western Australia  6055

Mobile: 0431 596 489

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Guildford Courthouse
Cnr Meadow and Swan Streets

Phone: +61 8 9207 8899
PO Box 196 Midland WA 6936
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