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Funk Cider

Funk Cider is an offshoot of the Michael Brothers Traditionally Pressed Juice Company.

The Michael Brothers are two young brothers, Dustin and Martin, who use cold-pressed apple juice to create raw, preservative-free, unpasteurised, natural cider.

They also barrel-age, wild-ferment and infuse local fruits into their cider to create the most delicious, natural, funky cider you’ve ever tasted.

If you thought you’d had great cider before this, prepare to be blown the funk away!

-31.877594, 115.969061

Funk Cider ,55 Benara Road , Western Australia ,6055

Funk Cider

55 Benara Road,
Western Australia ,

Map with address Funk Cider, 55 Benara Road , Western Australia ,6055

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55 Benara Road
Caversham, Western Australia  6055

Tel:(08) 9377 4884
Website:Funk Cider

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Opening Hours

DayTimeBreakfastLunchDinnerFurther details
Mon11:00AM - 5:00PMCider tastings, coffee and cake available
Tue8:00AM - 5:00PMyesyes
Wed8:00AM - 5:00PMyesyes
Thu8:00AM - 5:00PMyesyes
Fri8:00AM - 5:00PMyesyes
Sat7:00AM - 5:00PMyesyes
Sun7:00AM - 5:00PMyesyes

Special Occasions and Public Holidays

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the following days

We Cater for

Guildford Courthouse
Cnr Meadow and Swan Streets

Phone: +61 8 9207 8899
PO Box 196 Midland WA 6936
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