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Local Produce

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Tel:(08) 9296 0970
Visit Kafarela's Vineyard and sample West Australian non-alcoholic wines, liqueurs and grape juices.
Tel:(08) 9296 4110
A seasonal roadside stall selling oranges and mandarins.
The Swan Valley Food and Wine Trail - a 32km scenic loop taking in more than 150 wineries, lively breweries, fine restaurants, bustling cafés, distilleries, shops, accommodation outlets and roadside stalls selling fresh produce.
Western Australia’s first truly local, raw, cold-pressed, preservative-free juice company is right here in the Swan Valley!
Mobile: 0431 596 489
Kato's @3000 has ventured into icecream!
Mobile: 0431 596 489
@3000 Grapes, supplier of delicious seasonal grapes and melons.
Tel:(08) 9274 6649
Welcome! Have you ever wondered why the Swan Valley is renowned for being ‘a world of surprises just minutes away’? Why not visit us to find out why! The Swan Valley is a perfect destination for so many reasons so why not put us on the itinera...
Tel:(08) 9296 4937
Mobile: 0432 605 923
A family-run local produce business in the heart of the Swan Valley.

Guildford Courthouse
Cnr Meadow and Swan Streets

Phone: +61 8 9207 8899
PO Box 196 Midland WA 6936
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A selection of maps and brochures are available to help you plan your next Swan Valley adventure - Download them or even have them posted out to you.

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