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Beer Tasting

Swan Valley breweries offer a unique opportunity to sample a variety of award-winning local beers.  With five boutique beer outlets in total, including microbreweries and German style beer cafes serving their own brews with hearty, wholesome fare.

An impressive variety of beers are served at Swan Valley breweries that you won't find anywhere else in the world.  Catering for connoisseurs of every kind, you'll find lagers, pilsners, ales, wheat beers and stouts, all handcrafted following traditional techniques and using the best local produce.  Many are organic and preservative free.

Check out the list of Swan Valley breweries and while you're visiting be sure to ask for a 'Brewer's Handle' to sample the latest creations while enjoying tasty food in the picturesque beer gardens.


 List of Breweries

Guildford Courthouse
Cnr Meadow and Swan Streets

Phone: +61 8 9207 8899
PO Box 196 Midland WA 6936
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A selection of maps and brochures are available to help you plan your next Swan Valley adventure - Download them or even have them posted out to you.

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