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Wine Tasting Guide

Tasting wine is easy once you know how – just follow these four basic steps:


Swirl the wine around your glass. This aerates the liquid and allows flavours to develop. Hold your glass up to the light and take note of the colour. Notice, too, how the wine leaves 'legs' down your glass as it settles – the bigger the legs, the more full-bodied the wine.


Sniff the wine by putting your nose as far into the glass as you can. Don’t be shy! Most wine judges spend as much time smelling the wine as tasting it. What do you smell? Pineapple and vanilla? Black pepper and blackberries? All have been used by the experts to describe valley wines over the years.


Sip the wine and, with your head tilted back a little, slurp air through the wine. This noisy process encourages the wine to open up even more and ensures it is thoroughly distributed around your tastebuds. Do those aromas you noticed earlier follow through on your palate? How would you describe the resultant taste?


Savour your wine a little longer, noticing how the flavours linger after you’ve swallowed. This gives an indication of the “length” of the wine.


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