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Humane Food Region

Humane Foods Region

The Swan Valley has been crowned the first Humane Food Region in Australia. The chefs and producers in the Swan Valley are a compassionate bunch who have committed to producing and serving humane food in their restaurants and cafes.

Expect fresh cage free eggs, free-range pork and a whole lot of tastier, more wholesome produce, from animals living happier, healthier lives.

Humane food. What's the deal?

The RSPCA defines it as food that is animal welfare friendly. Put simply, it means animals have a better quality of life and are respected as living, feeling creatures. Meat chickens can scratch and forage. Layer hens can lay their eggs in a nest and breeding pigs can wallow in mud. As you can imagine, being raised in higher welfare conditions goes well beyond the minimal standards required by law – providing farm animals with a life worth living.

Does eating humanely really matter? I mean, why should I care?

Well, for a few reasons. First and foremost, animals are capable of experiencing fear, pain and stress. Raising animals in surrounds where they are respected and treated kindly is simple decency.

Then there’s the matter of quality and taste. We’ve all heard chefs roll out the line "we only use the best, freshest ingredients", but talk is cheap. If it’s not fresh, it’s past its best – possibly even inedible or dangerous to consume. As for "the best", what can be better than giving farm animals a better quality of life?

There’s a reason why research shows that half of all Australian consumers would prefer to buy humanely produced food. Today’s diner notices the difference in taste and finds it more enjoyable to feast in the knowledge that the animals lived a happy, healthy life. 

Just how committed is the Swan Valley to humane food?

Very. The Swan Valley Humane Food region program is supported by 30 of the region’s restaurants and cafes, and this number is projected to grow as more and more chefs are attracted to the region.

Businesses are identified in the region’s promotional materials and nationally on

The program is an initiative by the City of Swan and RSPCA WA, led by six local ambassadors, who are all notable, passionate chefs in the region.


Free farm animals from cruel farming practices. Choose restaurants that choose humane food.


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