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Food and Wine Matching

"When I think of matching food & wine in the Swan Valley I think about how wonderful Alf Edgecombe's Asparagus is when matched with a delicious Lamont Riesling, or how perfectly a Kosovich Chardonnay marries with Gingin Barramundi. I think of wonderful home cooked feasts, sharing your neighbour's wine; of families surrounding the kitchen table and of the discussions, laughter and love bound together by the enjoyment of even the simplest family banquet. THAT is the perfect match." 

- Russell Blaikie, General Manager Must Wine Bar


Forget that old chestnut about drinking only red wine with red meat and white wine with poultry and fish. These days, the trick to finding a food and wine match made in heaven is to consider what accompanies the protein component on your plate and then to look for similarities, not contrasts.

Think of this process as searching for a flavour hook – some component of the wine which complements one or more flavour characteristics of the food. Consider too, the relative weight and acidity of the wine and match this to the intensity of the food.

Fresh, simple, delicate fare demands an elegant, light-bodied rose or white wine that's young and lively, while stronger-flavoured dishes can cope with full-bodied red wines and even fortifieds.

Remember that the best match of all is good food, good wine and good company.  Friends and loved ones are by far the most important ingredients!


Sparkling wine

Drier sparkling styles go well with oysters and canapes, while slightly sweeter bubblies are better suited to fruit-based desserts and anything spicy.



Sushi, Caesar salad, fresh seafood, smoked salmon, Asian dishes.


Chenin Blanc

Red and green Thai curries, Greek salad, seafood risotto.



Pasta carbonara, anything served in a buttery or creamy sauce, grilled or poached salmon, mild chicken satay.


Unwooded Chardonnay

Noodles, antipasto platters, tomato-based dishes, sashimi, tandoori chicken.


Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc

Asparagus, goat cheese, herb salads, lemon-based sauces, oysters, most seafood.



Asian dishes, spicy salads, Thai fish cakes, roast duck and other game.



Mushroom risotto, baked ham, Moroccan-style lamb, most roast meats.


Cabernet Sauvignon

Rare roast beef, tomato-based pasta dishes, aged cheddar and other full-flavoured hard cheeses, offal.



Middle Eastern dishes, steak with green pepper sauce, veal Parmigiana, barbecued meat, ratatouille.



Sweeter styles suit pate de foie gras, chocolate mousse, coffee, gorgonzola, stilton and other blue cheeses, while lighter fortifieds are perfect with fruit-based desserts.


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